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  • CCW Classes are held monthly at a cost of $150. For our Military veterans that are eligible for the free CCW license, we offer the classroom portion of the course at a discounted rate.  to ensure that you understand NM state gun laws.  For course dates, check under the class schedule tab.

  • FFL Transfer Services for a flat fee of $30.00...$20 for Military and Public Safety



After the gun has been processed into our system we will call you to let you know that the gun is ready to be picked up. If you are tracking your transfer and it shows it has arrived that does not mean that it is ready to be picked up. Please wait for us to call or you can come by 24hrs after your notification by the carrier. To pick up the gun you will need a valid NM photo ID/DL and will need to fill out a Federal Form 4473 for the background check. Once all of these are complete, and your background check is approved, you can pay your transfer fee and take your gun home. We do not do Brady Transfers unless you have had a “proceed” previously from us, have a current NM CCW, active duty military or Law Enforcement.  TRANSFERS WILL BE HELD FOR 30 DAYS UNLESS A LONGER TIME IS APPROVED IN WRITING. ANY GUN LEFT AFTER 30 DAYS WILL BECOME THE PROPERTY OF RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS.

  • Ultrasonic gun cleaning & oiling for most guns $35

  • Full service gunsmithing services are available, as well as routine repair and maintenance. 

  • For those custom needs, we do custom Cerakote work, laser engraving, stippling, and NFA engraving. 

Mil and First Responders
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